Advancing Asia as a New Generation Digital Champion


Here is a summary of the economic impact and long-term value creation pertaining to our operating company, Celcom.

Celcom Axiata Berhad

Established in 1988, Celcom is the leading broadband network provider across Malaysia. The company has over 9.08 million subscribers and prides itself on providing the finest customer experience and evolving future technologies for the growth of the nation.

USD1.4 billion invested in 2018

46,720 jobs supported

0.5%of GDP

USD1 CAPEX translates to USD 6.9 GVA Contribution

Celcom’s operations directly contributed USD812 million in 2018, accounting for 45% of total GVA contribution. It also indirectly contributed USD774 million to economic activity in Malaysia through the inputs it purchased from local suppliers. The Malaysian government has been heavily involved in promoting the country’s digital entrepreneurship ecosystem. Through preparing the workforce with training programmes to equip them with the right skills, it is expected there will be 185,443 additional jobs in the digital economy by 2020.